(urth) Interlibrary Loan (no spoilers)

Ab de Vos foxyab at casema.nl
Sat Jul 18 08:33:19 PDT 2020

I read it as well and everything in the book seems to be a riddle. How 
many Erns are there, is the story line mixed up, what is in the green 
box, what happens to the key Ern takes from dead Ern, the status of the 
ghosts, the relation of the book to Borrowed Man etc.

Fascinating but frustrating.

Op 18-7-2020 om 16:44 schreef Dave Lebling:
> Has anyone read this, and if so, do you have thoughts?
> I re-read /A Borrowed Man/ before reading /Interlibrary Loan/. I had 
> found /A Borrowed Man/ to be very opaque on first reading, and much 
> more reasonable on a second reading. (This is my normal pattern with 
> Wolfe; each reading produces more clarity.)
> I found the first reading of /Interlibrary Loan/ to be even more 
> opaque, and also a bit disjointed. It was by turns weird, scary, and 
> funny. I believe it is actually hard SF rather than Fantasy, which 
> seems to go against a lot of reviews. It could have used another 
> draft. It is extremely sad we will never get one.
> Dave Lebling
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