(urth) Interlibrary Loan (no spoilers)

Dave Lebling dlebling at hyraxes.com
Sat Jul 18 07:44:23 PDT 2020

Has anyone read this, and if so, do you have thoughts?

I re-read *A Borrowed Man* before reading *Interlibrary Loan*. I had found *A
Borrowed Man* to be very opaque on first reading, and much more reasonable
on a second reading. (This is my normal pattern with Wolfe; each reading
produces more clarity.)

I found the first reading of *Interlibrary Loan* to be even more opaque,
and also a bit disjointed. It was by turns weird, scary, and funny. I
believe it is actually hard SF rather than Fantasy, which seems to go
against a lot of reviews. It could have used another draft. It is extremely
sad we will never get one.

Dave Lebling
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