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I accidentally sent the following only to Ab, but I think it is relevant to
the whole list, as I came to a realization. Able runs through the green
tube where Mag's letter is supposed to be in the Room of Lost Love to
return to Mythgarthr, the tube expanding to contain him. At the end, Able
actually becomes the letter which Michael will deliver to his mother and
brother in dreams, whether they understand it or not. Thus the blended
knowledge of America, lives mixed up, etc. I think a paragraph or two in
the writeup can clear this up, but I chose the correct title.

It came to me today how Michael is going to deliver Able’s letter. When he
> meets Michael, Michael says he realizes able’s mother never knew him. Then
> he says able should ask whence came the tongs that grasp eterne (by the end
> eterne, like idnn, is life and growth in that black pavilion- the green
> stick of fecundity.) the tongs that grasp burgeoning life as it is forged -
> the mother. At one point able thinks that he just might be a memory or
> dream kulili or disiri has. Michael leaves able and jumps down to seek out
> able of the high heart ... in the room of lost love, mag reads her letter
> but there is nothing in the green tube - it is written in the language of
> the heart. My realization: Michael at the end is going to send a dream of
> Able to his mother and brother on earth. That’s the letter. It follows
> circular dream logic so they will know the truth of Able symbolically.  It
> really is his mother’s dream, a gift of Michael out of pity for an unborn
> child who gave up his life so that both brothers would not die. Thus the
> “play” able talks of with the puppy, and of the play to come - more dreams
> of him.
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