(urth) Cloud Atlas and Typhon

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Not too surprised. Does he give Milton or the Bible as influences?

On 5/18/2014 7:49 PM, Nicholas Carter wrote:
> /I  have one question to start: is Mitchell Catholic?/
>  From a Mitchell interview:
> *Q: Faith plays an important role in your books, what's your own 
> attitude towards religion?*
> A: I am a kind of secular Buddhist. I meditate and find it very 
> helpful, and Buddhism doesn't ask me to sacrifice my rationality or my 
> common sense, it doesn't ask me to believe the impossible. I find it 
> helpful to keep my mind under control, sane and calm. What happens 
> after we die --- I don't know, and I'm happy not to know. I feel I 
> have no choice but to not know. Buddhism doesn't care if I don't 
> accept its cosmology, I don't have to believe it all.
> Eternal Recurrence, in a non-Nietzschean sense, is one of the tropes 
> of Cloud Atlas.
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