(urth) Short Sun notes: Remora.

David Stockhoff dstockhoff at verizon.net
Mon Oct 7 16:00:07 PDT 2013


On 10/7/2013 5:37 PM, Brian wrote:
> ...it's not that humans, being lower than Neighbors, are more capable 
> of dealing with Inhumi in a "smash and bash" way.  If the Neighbors 
> thought humans more capable, it would be through treating them with 
> kindness, ala Silk, creating a generation of kinder, gentler Inhumi.
> /Lee Berman wrote: /
> /My interpretation is that humans are baser animals than Neigbhors and are thus more equipped
> to resist infection by Inhumi. SilkHorn beats Jahlee to death. Other groups bury the Inhumi
> alive etc.  Perhaps The Neighbors were unable to perpetrate such violent atrocities against their parasitic enemies and were forced to escape to another plane of existence.  They were unable to
> deal with the Inhumi here in the material world, as humans are at least partially able to do./
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