(urth) Short Sun notes: Remora.

Brian brian at studiobl.com
Mon Oct 7 14:37:15 PDT 2013

...it's not that humans, being lower than Neighbors, are more capable of
dealing with Inhumi in a "smash and bash" way.  If the Neighbors thought
humans more capable, it would be through treating them with kindness, ala
Silk, creating a generation of kinder, gentler Inhumi.

Lee Berman wrote:

My interpretation is that humans are baser animals than Neigbhors and are
thus more equipped  to resist infection by Inhumi. SilkHorn beats Jahlee to
death. Other groups bury the Inhumi   alive etc.  Perhaps The Neighbors
were unable to perpetrate such violent atrocities against their parasitic
enemies and were forced to escape to another plane of existence.  They were
unable to   deal with the Inhumi here in the material world, as humans are
at least partially able to do.
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