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Tony Ellis tonyellis69 at btopenworld.com
Fri Mar 29 04:26:37 PDT 2013

Marc Aramini wrote:
> Why on the third day without the sleeping place result in death/the sleeping place being gone forever?

Well, it's not the third day without the sleeping place, it's the
third 'empty' day - the third day you come home emptyhanded. I imagine
that the first couple of times the tribe don't move so far away that
they can't be found - you're being given a hint to get your act
together. On the third day either they clear off or they hide. At
which point you're toast.

>Also, any ideas about why the Shadow Children suddenly accept Sandwalker as a friend?
>they claim that were just playing with him in threatening to kill him, but it is at the point
>when something happens to his throat that he becomes one of their "friends"

What happens to Sandwalker's throat is that he chokes up when he sees
how sickly and pitiable the Shadow Children are, and has a little
epiphany. The Old Wise One says "Look, he weeps."

Almost in the same breath the OWO says "quickly, sit, eat with us." It
seems to me that when Sandwalker wept the OWO saw his humanity, and
took pity on him. And of course once Sandwalker has shared food he's a

It's worth remembering too that the OWO is a construct of the SC's and
Sandwalker's minds. When Sandwalker wept, did that literally *make*
the OWO more compassionate? Perhaps.

> The end of that quote, the shifting and turning of the stones, does not seem like a tribe reaction.

Well, that quote doesn't say the stones shift and turn. It says it the
sleeping place does.

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