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It says it is lost in the stones and that it shifts and turns.  Metaphorical language or not?  Perhaps related to the perceptual screen that hides st. Anne; the entire landscape is called the land of shifting stones.  

Excellent point on his empathy.  Do you feel the shadow children and the construct the old wise one, called the group norm, becomes more confused about who was once human because the proportion at the end shifts to one shadow child and Sandwalker? where before he was ' more' certain of who came from the yellow star originally because there were more shadow children dominating the norm, should his assertion of who is human be more 'valid' with the larger percentage of shadow children? 

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>> The end of that quote, the shifting and turning of the stones, does not seem like a tribe reaction.
> Well, that quote doesn't say the stones shift and turn. It says it the
> sleeping place does.
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