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Why on the third day without the sleeping place result in death/the sleeping place being gone forever?  Also, any ideas about why the Shadow Children suddenly accept Sandwalker as a friend?  they claim that were just playing with him in threatening to kill him, but it is at the point when something happens to his throat that he becomes one of their "friends" and their attitude shifts.  Was it ingesting the seeds of the owl-mice that prompted this?
The end of that quote, the shifting and turning of the stones, does not seem like a tribe reaction.

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I don’t think this passage is about sacrifice to a magic sleeping
place. It’s just a poetic way of saying “If you don’t provide food for
the the tribe, the tribe will move on without telling you.”

‘[others] had come back to the sleeping place with hands empty and
slack bellies, hoping for leavings and begging their mothers for
breasts now belonging to a younger child. These were dead. They had
learned the truth that the sleeping place is easily found by a
food-bringer, not hard for a full belly to find; but shifts and turns
before hungry mouths until it is lost in the stones, and on the third
empty day is gone forever.’ - A Story, 5HoC

The little bodies Sandwalker leaves at night are mice to keep the
Shadow Children from killing him while he sleeps, as one of the SCs

“Mice you left us while you came here, and now you would be repaid in
deer’s flesh. Dear mice indeed. We should have strangled you while you
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