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Ah yes - I think this is important.  Skip has a vision early of a garden with pink or red flowers and a working fountain, then comes across a fountain matching that description when he later meets Achilles in Tante Elise's island. 

The cyborg-android Richard Johnson (working for the Os if we take it at face value) says people can be spies and not know it, but that the Os does not do that memory wiping.  "Greater east Asia does a lot of it.  They send in spies who've forgotten they're spies, people who do certain things when the time comes without knowing why they do them." (160)  Skip has a few strange dreams, being trapped in a cell, killing a "leader" with three characters we have never heard of before, and wanting chelle to have a gun in case he decides to send people after her.   His efficacy in combat situations is equally surprising. Skip did have a blood clot in his brain a bit later, supposedly from a shot which amazingly did not penetrate his skull. 

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> Also, couldn't figure out where boswash was off the top of my head - a megalopolis coined in the sixties or so along the New England coast from Boston to Washington.  Vanessa is impressed that their train will go 67 km an hour- this seems to be a slowish future.  
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