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The alias coalman Baum that mr white-blue uses does have some interesting associations.  Skip ponders that the first name is a color game for black. Baum is a surname used to indicate a tall person (tree like) and Blue is always described as tall- just as the dark ghost which impedes Achilles is tall. 

I need to find the last thing he asks zygmunt to look up- suicide ring or something about Blue and his alias.  That is what gets him killed and what they are still in danger of at the end.  

There is also the idea of suppressed memories - they can be erased but random things can remind the person.  Thus when skip dreams of being locked in a cell and when he mentions shooting someone in the face with three other people we never heard of before ( Ellen Woodward and Aurelio or something like that) perhaps those could be either erased memories or memories from another intellect. 

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> Also, couldn't figure out where boswash was off the top of my head - a megalopolis coined in the sixties or so along the New England coast from Boston to Washington.  Vanessa is impressed that their train will go 67 km an hour- this seems to be a slowish future.  
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