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On Wed, July 31, 2013 13:58, Lee Berman wrote:
>>David Stockhoff:>>Yes. My assumption has always been that this unstable
>>matter comes from Yesod, i.e., a "higher" universe, since the
>> Otherworld/Land
>>of the Dead is where ghosts and such come from, and since Yesod obviously
>>controls it this matter. But a ghost could come from anywhere if the gods
>> will it.
> I like this idea David. I could see matter from Yesod appearing silvery in
> Briah.
> Reminds me of Asimov's The Gods Themselves, where matter from a higher
> universe
> is unstable in a lower universe because strong nuclear force is of
> different
> strength. Plus it fits in with what I think is a general plan by Wolfe in
> BotNS
> to put a scientific slant on mythology.
>>Jeff Wilson- the Yesod-source supposition is true at least some of the
>>time; Apheta explains Yesod is naturally all energy and the only material
>>bodies there are the ones the Yesodis make from that energy - though the
>>only visible energy in Yesod is the light from those bodies they have
>> made
>>(or will make), including what appear to be artificial stars and planets,
>>and what is seen through peepholes into Briah.
> Hm intersting. I'm not a physicist, but can't energy be defined as
> unstable
> matter, in some Einsteinian sense?

Mass is sticky and inert energy, sure, but it makes more thematic sense to
me that matter is not native to Yesod but can exist there, since that
makes it more spiritual. There allegedly is a more spiritual plane still
above Yesod where the Hieros went after entirely discarding their material
forms, where Yesdis cannot yet follow.

> I guess a year's worth of eating and drinking Urth food would be enough
> ingestion of
> stable matter for the maid to not shatter into silver shards when she is
> beheaded.

I don't think she exists at all during the year, but is projected anew
each feastday. While she is there, Aquastor-Katherine may not disperse
from the loss of her head, because that is the entire purpose of her
casting, in either sense of the word. I'd like to include a persuasive way
to connect the her appearance to Sev's mother's and/or the Contessa-woman
at the Path of Air, but it may be a coincidence.

I think the link may be the Yesodis' working backward through Urthly time,
because the night of Sev's elevation is also the first posthumous
apparition of Aquastor-Malrubius, and Sev experiences an unknown ill
feeling about the time he is to play-behead Katherine, perhaps a sign of
his mind and body being probed.

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