(urth) Lake of Birds

Bruno de Albuquerque Furtado meuemaildobruno at gmail.com
Tue May 22 08:14:49 PDT 2012

"Which Tiresias? Genderbender, blind seer, mediator between gods and men,
accursed of the gods, or prophet of Apollo?"

You forgot one: "Royal councilor". As in the guy who councils the kings of
Thebes, Odisseus, and so forth. But still I tend to agree with António, in
that there's much which doesn't fit in this theory. For instance, I feel
that in order to make an association with Tiresias, blindness would be an
important feature. But to my knowledge, there's nothing indicating that FI
could be blind. Also, it appears that the deformed old guide wearing a
mask, when Severian is in the power of Vodalus, is FI. That guide and his
helper are reported to have "dark skin" though, which probably means
they're autochthons.
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