(urth) Lake of Birds

Bruno de Albuquerque Furtado meuemaildobruno at gmail.com
Tue May 22 08:33:10 PDT 2012

"Yes, but that award should not be a significant plot point.  More
resemblances to the original Lake Avernus are fine, but one should stop
short of drawing conclusions about the characters."

While in the subject of more resemblances to the original lake, I'd like to
point out that Hildegrin explains that the Lake of Birds is "made to look
like the mouth of a volcaner", and Lake Avernus is indeed the crater of a
volcano. In my opinion, there are too many similarities not to make a
direct identification. As I see it, the Garden of Endless Sleep is either a
reconstruction, by some Autarch, of the region around Avernus, or the place
itself. That is, if you presume that Urth is actually Earth, or something
very similar to it, millions of years in the future.
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