(urth) Marble on Urth

Sergei SOLOVIEV soloviev at irit.fr
Thu Jun 2 10:26:49 PDT 2011

I also agree. I think also that when you look up from the field against
the sun the transport, as usually an object against the Sun seems much
darker. What seems to me strange - sun-drenched field, if the Sun was
already red. Maybe it wasn't. Did it became red so quick?

finally that GW does not pay too much attention to technical details.

Lee Berman wrote:
>> Gerry Quinn: I agree with Roy and Mo.  They are on Urth watching a transport descend from 
>> the Whorl to pick them up.
> Agree. Factory on Urth. Parts can be stored on the Whorl but not manufactured, hence their 
> scarcity.
>> I don't know why the transport looks dirty, though.  Maybe simply because it 
>> is so dark, and seems dirty to the inexperienced chem maid.
> I think something like that. She has been programmed to clean up black specks without the
> experience to distinguish the ceiling from the sky. Like the old saying, when you are a 
> hammer, everything looks like a nail. 		 	   		  
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