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On 6/2/2011 12:26 PM, Sergei SOLOVIEV wrote:
> I also agree. I think also that when you look up from the field against
> the sun the transport, as usually an object against the Sun seems much
> darker. What seems to me strange - sun-drenched field, if the Sun was
> already red. Maybe it wasn't. Did it became red so quick?

Typhon says the sun began to dim during his reign and that the 
luminosity dropped by 7 parts in 1000 while he was on Urth. That and a 
lack of other changes discussed suggests that in his time it was still 
99.3% of its original brightness. It seems to have continued to dim and 
may have grown a bit larger and redder over the centuries, but there are 
still many pictures to compare it with and only its redness is remarked 
upon, so any change in angular size is probably not large.

The old man in the cabin IIIRC tells of a truly bright day when the sun 
was as bright as people say it was in the old days, which suggests that 
the sun has good days and bad either from Urthly weather or solar 
activity or both.

If course, if the moon is truly closer in, it would also appear bigger, 
so it is possible that the sun is larger by a like amount, and the rule 
of thum that the sun and moon are about the same visual width would 
still hold, and any solar eclipses would retain a similar character. If 
I were more awake I could speculate about lunar eclipses.

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