(urth) Drotte-Roche mixup

António Pedro Marques entonio at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 15:49:10 PDT 2011

James Wynn wrote (18-04-2011 22:17):
> When I get home, I intend to see if the Marble/Mint mix-up in the "The Book
> of Long Sun" was replicated in the "Epiphany of the Long Sun" re-release.
> Wolfe seemed quite annoyed by mistakes like that when he was asked. If it is
> there, I will accept it as possible that an editorial mistake like that
> could be considered Set In Stone and reproduced in all subsequent volumes.
> If it was fixed in subsequent volumes, then I will have ask why the
> Drotte/Roche error was never fixed in all the re-releases in that last 31
> years.

The Marble/Mint mixup `*does* look like a mistake. Though at that point 
anything goes...

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