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>  FWIW, I tried to find the meaning for the names of all the Dorpians given
> in the IGJ listing, using Google translate and the Dutch version of
> wikipedia; below.
> Not all of them are bizarre or implausible, but overall I think the list is
> consistent with hypotheses that (a) Dorpian names come from some list of
> Dutch words that the Whorl team found somewhere & as a body don't have much
> to do with names that a real Dutch culture would use; and (b) the Dorpians
> quite possibly don't even speak Dutch & have no idea what these names
> "mean".
> Aanvagen: Swept (mistress of house in which SilkHorn "jailed")
> Azijn: Vinegar (legerman)
> Beroep: Occupation, trade (husband of Aanvagen)
> Cijfer: Digit, numeral (wife of Wijzer)
> Hamer: Hammer (judge)
> Leeuw: Lion (legerman)
> Nat: liquor, wet, soggy (magnate)
> Parel: Pearl, bead (servant)
> Strik: Bow, trap, knot (captain)
> Taal: Language (advocate)
> Vadsig: Lazy, slothful (servant)
> Vent: Fellow, chap (advocate)
> Versregal: Should be Versregel? = Verse, line (Strik's wife)
> Vlug: Fast (legerman)
> Wapen: Weapon (son of tavern owner)
> Wijzer: Pointer, clock hand (captain)
> Ziek: Sick, diseased (merchant)
> I don't have enough interest at this point to try to go into
> "Gaoan-culture" names, but I'd just also note along these lines
> "He-pens-sheep" as an unlikely name for a hunter.

Again just fwiw, looking at the "Grandecitta culture" names, from IGJ:
Adatta: Suitable
Affito: Properties (Inclito's coachman)
Bello: Handsome (colonel)
Blanko: ??? (town)
Bricco: Jug (child in Fava's story)
Bruna: Brown (mule)
Cantoro: Singer? (merchant)
Casco: Helmet (Salica's story)
Cugino: Cousin (woodcutter)
Cuoio: Leather (Hide's name in Blanko)
Decina: Ten (servant)
Dentro: Inside (Salica's story)
Eco: Echo (messenger)
Fava: Broad bean
Gagliardo: Strong, red blooded (astronomer)
Gioioso: Joyful (Salica's story)
Incanto: Enchantment (Inclito's brother)
Inclito: Illustrious (de facto leader of Blanko)
Legaro: Tie (ambassador)
Mano: Hand (trooper)
Morello: ?? (general)
Novella Citta: New city
Olmo: Elm (town)
Onorifica: Honorific (servant)
Perito: Expert, surveyor (hired hand)
Rigoglio: Luxuriance (duko)
Rimando: Return, cross-reference (messenger)
Rimo: Removal (trooper)
Salica: Willow? (Inclito's mother)
Sborso: Disbursement (hired hand)
Schiamazza: Cackles (servant)
Sfido: Challenge (officer)
Soldo: Money, penny (town)
Solenno: Solemn (Salica's story)
Terzo: Third (officer)
Torda: ???? (servant)
Turco: Turk? (Salica's story)
Ugolo: Uvula (Salica's story)
Urbanita: city sweller? (person in Blanko)
Valico: Pass (trooper)
Vivo: Living person (colonel)
Volanta: Wheel (person in Blanko)
Volto: Face (trooper)
Zitta: Silent (Inclito's dead wife)

I don't really know what to make of that as a group: some of the names are
fine as names, some of them make little sense. Anyway, think have to
conclude that these people do know at least some Italian: eg Hide being
advised to change his name to "Cuoio", if nothing else. ("Novella Citta"
also, of course, but I could argue against that one as meaning too much by
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