(urth) Mucor and the devils

James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 11:23:42 PST 2010

> Gerry Quinn-
> Vampires are a staple of mythology, and there are multiple types.  I 
> suspect the number of large-scale sf/fantasy works that contain some 
> kind of vampire is probably greater than the number that do not.

Well, in Wolfe's novels  vampires are very, very common. Soldier of 
Sidon, The Wizard Knight, and Long/Short Sun. Significantly, Typhonians 
were a kind of vampire (see Montegue Summers), and they are signified by 
red hair (Rose, Chenille who dyes it red, and Silk whose beard is 
reddish blonde).

> Coming back to Mucor, I was struck last night by an anomaly 
> (fortunately, I was not injured). Mucor sends out her spirit and 
> possesses bodies, usually but not always human.  But she calls Quetzal 
> "the man who isn't there",  My first impression was that she could see 
> (and supersede) spirits.  But inhumi have human-appearing spirits!  
> Why do they not look normal to Mucor? Perhaps she sees bodies rather 
> than spirits, and Quetzal lacks a human body. But she still notices 
> him.  So Mucor must be able somehow to see body and spirit at once 
> when on her travels.

Exactly. In Quetzal's case, she sees the man (spirit), but no human body.
The Man is not there. Only the animal is there.


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