(urth) The Sorcerer's House Questions (*Major Spoilers*)

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> On the other hand, both Madame Orizia and Doris validate the story of
> locking the vampire Nicholas in the trunk. Doris also validates the first
> werewolf attack, the awful basement, and the rapist dwarf.

This just begs the question.  The only record we have of them seeing any of
this is from the letters that Bax has.  These are the very letters that are
being called into doubt, at least the supernatural parts.

> The greatest magic of all is that a penniless ex-con suddenly comes into
> wealth and property: "Riverscene, the Black House, and the house that had
> once been Mrs. Martha Murrey's" (p. 300). So I must agee with the anonymous
> Collator: "all that he tells us cannot be false."

Windows into Faerie, werewolves, vampires, visions of the future, astral
projection, triannuluses (triannuli?), houses that grow and rearrange -
these are all harder to swallow than lucking into money.  Not everything he
says is false, just the stuff about Faerie.
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