(urth) The Sorcerer's House Questions (*Major Spoilers*)

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>  Dave Tallman wrote:
> I'm willing to consider the possibility of forgery, too.  On p. 12 Bax
> writes "I am tempted to post this to myself."  Bax is ambidextrous, so
> he can produce two different handwritings, and he has forged his
> brother's signature before.
>  One more detail: who is Henry Parkhill (p. 156)?
> *I have founded my own little firm, you see. I call it A Plus Tutors. Our
> president is Henry Parkhill. (I know you would like him, Shell. You might
> recognize him as well.*
> This is the only reference to the man, apparently an ex-con that Shell
> would know. Nothing is said about him in other letters. Does he play a
> bigger role? If, for example, he is the butler that other people see (Doris
> letter, p. 290) then it casts a lot of doubt on the Zwart/Ieuen/Emlyn story.
I assumed "Parkhill" was a false name for Bax, who forges and signs stuff in
the Parkhill name.

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