(urth) AEG: Rian's mother

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Sun Oct 4 21:27:59 PDT 2009

One more try. I'll make it brief.

Cassie goes to Woldercan and gets Gideon to make her look good again. She
comes back to Earth about 20 years before she left. She is still in her
early thirties; Reis should then be in his twenties. She knows his tastes
and uses her knowledge and looks to meet and marry him. She gives birth to

After a number of years, her looks start to fade and Reis strays. He leaves
her for another beauty, Pavlatos. Pavlatos goes to Woldercan with him when
he is appointed ambassador. Reis dumps Pavlatos after a number of years, but
it costs him plenty.

Meanwhile, Cassie knows about Gideon, knows that he can and will fix Rian's
heart. He does so. Cassie otherwise stays in the background. She knows the
future but cannot change it and dares not try; because otherwise Rian would
not exist. When the time is ripe, she contacts Pavlatos and persuades her to
rescue her younger self from the island. Younger Cassie goes to Woldercan .
. . etc.

Everything happens just as it happened in the book. Cassie changed nothing
by going into the past. She went to Woldercan and found her lost love again,
if only for a while. She gained a child who is a little bit of the man she


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