(urth) AEG: Mice and Cattle

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Thu Oct 8 22:05:00 PDT 2009

James Wynn wrote:

> There are werewolves in this story, but it is not clear to me whether they
> are Wolderconlings or one of the other aliens.

Neither. "Werewolves are human." (205)

> Just because Woldercan has
> perfected the ability to change, does not mean others have not succeeded
> the same technology (remember Pat Gomez).

According to Gideon, Wolders "cannot transform as we [humans] do. Not at
all." (99) What male Wolders can do is hybridize with lower animals. (100)

> In addition, we have Gideon Chase who works for anyone. He supposedly left
> Woldercon as a child, but he knows a lot of Woldercon tricks, leading me
> believe he is a changeling. He was able to heal the child of a rich woman
> (probably Pavlatos) of some indeterminate disease.  Maybe he healed him,
> maybe he just replaced him!

I don't know about Gid being a changeling, but it has been suggested before
that he is not Bob Chase's biological son, that his real father was a
Wolder. That might come to the same thing.


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