(urth) Secret of the Inhumi - Please Destroy My Theory

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I think it makes a lot of sense, even if there are not other Landers flying from Blue to Green ala Pajarocu.

Love how you connected it to the sewer clearing.


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>Ok, so I'm re-reading SS now, and have just finished Incanto's story of the
>Sewer's on Green (at dinner with the Inclinto family).  I've been really
>focused on Krait's secret this read through, and some things have come
>crashing in on me.
>Bear with me.  I have forgotten much of what happens, detail wise, in the
>rest of Green's Jungles and RttW, so there is much to destroy my current
>For a long time, I've assumed the secret was some variation on the Golden
>Rule, as some other do as well.  Two big problems with that:  That isn't
>much of a threat to have as a secret, as it's not a very plausible thing for
>humanity to actualize.
>The variation on that is not Love thy neighbor (no pun intended, although
>now that I think of it....) but Love thy Enemy...enemy being Inhumi.  We see
>that Horn's love for Krait changes Krait.  There is something there.  But
>today, the following occured to me.
>1)  Isn't there something about how breeding for Inhumi has to take place on
>green?  Isn't that at least implied?
>2)  The 'civilization' of the Inhumi is on green
>3)  They require human slaves and food on Green to continue
>4)  Human slaves are only possible by tricking people on a lander (either
>from the Whorl or by taking them from Blue, which seems to have happened
>more than just in Pajarocu).
>SO:  If you destroy all the landers, the breeding/slave cycle would be
>broken (espcially if you are one of those who think they lie about
>Conjunction and only get to Blue on Landers).  That is something that IS in
>the power of humans, but would be difficult to accomplish because so many
>people are still interested in trying to get back to the Whorl.  (stuck to
>the past)
>What is Silks last action in the story?  GOING BACK TO THE WHORL, and THE
>WHORL LEAVES.  There will be no more landers going to Green.  There will be
>no more landers coming from the whorl to green or from blue to green.  This
>is a major change for the Inhumi.  They will shortly have no more human
>slaves on Green, and no way to get them there at all.  They will devolve.
>Also, this, to me, ties into the Sewer scene, which, for me at least, is
>indicated to be a huge clue for the secret.  (Neighbor:  No, we are trying
>to show you how to save yourselves")  When he clears out the sewers, the Old
>Cannibal makes a point of saying "It's what's past"..."You see that, don't
>you?  It's the past holding on."  This made me think of the Whorl.  People
>get on Landers to go back to the whorl, because that is the past holding
>Horn clears the sewers.  Silk removes the Whorl.  Both are reflective
>symbolic actions, of clearing out the past, which is what the neighbors were
>trying to show Horn as the way to save humanity.
>Well?  I haven't seen this discussed ont he board in these terms, but on
>that I could be wildly wrong.  Certainly, to me, it is a big reason why Silk
>taking the Whorl out of the system (and I now DO think it was Silk, with the
>bit of Pas in him, that makes the Whorl leave the system) now makes a hell
>of a lot of sense.

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