(urth) Secret of the Inhumi - Please Destroy My Theory

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Thu Mar 26 13:41:47 PDT 2009

Ok, so I'm re-reading SS now, and have just finished Incanto's story of the
Sewer's on Green (at dinner with the Inclinto family).  I've been really
focused on Krait's secret this read through, and some things have come
crashing in on me.

Bear with me.  I have forgotten much of what happens, detail wise, in the
rest of Green's Jungles and RttW, so there is much to destroy my current

For a long time, I've assumed the secret was some variation on the Golden
Rule, as some other do as well.  Two big problems with that:  That isn't
much of a threat to have as a secret, as it's not a very plausible thing for
humanity to actualize.

The variation on that is not Love thy neighbor (no pun intended, although
now that I think of it....) but Love thy Enemy...enemy being Inhumi.  We see
that Horn's love for Krait changes Krait.  There is something there.  But
today, the following occured to me.

1)  Isn't there something about how breeding for Inhumi has to take place on
green?  Isn't that at least implied?

2)  The 'civilization' of the Inhumi is on green

3)  They require human slaves and food on Green to continue

4)  Human slaves are only possible by tricking people on a lander (either
from the Whorl or by taking them from Blue, which seems to have happened
more than just in Pajarocu).

SO:  If you destroy all the landers, the breeding/slave cycle would be
broken (espcially if you are one of those who think they lie about
Conjunction and only get to Blue on Landers).  That is something that IS in
the power of humans, but would be difficult to accomplish because so many
people are still interested in trying to get back to the Whorl.  (stuck to
the past)

What is Silks last action in the story?  GOING BACK TO THE WHORL, and THE
WHORL LEAVES.  There will be no more landers going to Green.  There will be
no more landers coming from the whorl to green or from blue to green.  This
is a major change for the Inhumi.  They will shortly have no more human
slaves on Green, and no way to get them there at all.  They will devolve.

Also, this, to me, ties into the Sewer scene, which, for me at least, is
indicated to be a huge clue for the secret.  (Neighbor:  No, we are trying
to show you how to save yourselves")  When he clears out the sewers, the Old
Cannibal makes a point of saying "It's what's past"..."You see that, don't
you?  It's the past holding on."  This made me think of the Whorl.  People
get on Landers to go back to the whorl, because that is the past holding

Horn clears the sewers.  Silk removes the Whorl.  Both are reflective
symbolic actions, of clearing out the past, which is what the neighbors were
trying to show Horn as the way to save humanity.

Well?  I haven't seen this discussed ont he board in these terms, but on
that I could be wildly wrong.  Certainly, to me, it is a big reason why Silk
taking the Whorl out of the system (and I now DO think it was Silk, with the
bit of Pas in him, that makes the Whorl leave the system) now makes a hell
of a lot of sense.
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