(urth) Secret of the Inhumi - Please Destroy My Theory

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Someone commented here recently that the "secret" was that the inhumi can feed and enslave only because humans kill and enslave one another. They can only do it because they feed on creatures that permit them to continue doing it by making them like themselves. I find this convincing.

That is, according to my "mythic" theory, the same as saying that demons are only evil because humans do evil. It's a fairly subtle response to the mythology of demons and the work of Satan. Demons, and inhumi, are morally a symbolic extension of humans' vast capacity for both good and evil.

As for the rest of your theory, it seems to make sense.


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Ok, so I'm re-reading SS now, and have just finished Incanto's story of the
Sewer's on Green (at dinner with the Inclinto family).  I've been really
focused on Krait's secret this read through, and some things have come
crashing in on me.

Bear with me.  I have forgotten much of what happens, detail wise, in the
rest of Green's Jungles and RttW, so there is much to destroy my current

For a long time, I've assumed the secret was some variation on the Golden
Rule, as some other do as well.  Two big problems with that:  That isn't
much of a threat to have as a secret, as it's not a very plausible thing for
humanity to actualize.

The variation on that is not Love thy neighbor (no pun intended, although
now that I think of it....) but Love thy Enemy...enemy being Inhumi.  We see
that Horn's love for Krait changes Krait.  There is something there.  But
today, the following occured to me.

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