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James Wynn crushtv at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 11:48:54 PDT 2009

>>This makes the most sense to me of anything so far.  NeighborHorn is
>>NeighborHorn, not Neighbor/Horn--he doesn't have the Neighbor's
>>memories/personality/soul, but does have his life/essence/nature.  He has
>>Horn's memories/personality/ThomisticSoul, but not anything like Horn's
>>Platonic/eternal soul, if such things exist in Wolfe's world. He's Horn's
>>ghost in a Neighbor-enhanced version of Horn's body.
> Now I think I can get behind this.
> I think we may have come to terms with this thing here.
> what do you think Wynn? Lackey? Flato? Hamm?

John Watkins seems to be better at explaining these things than I am. Yes, 
this is exactly the way I see it. Except for this: there is *some* kind of 
memory possible if the reanimator chooses wants it badly enough because the 
same thing happens to Silk in front of Hyacinth's coffin and the memory of 
Horn's memories are transferred as is the desire of NeighborHorn to complete 
his mission.

But thinking of the revived persons in terms of a Platonic, particle soul 
(rather than a Thomist, wave pysche) is not useful in this case.


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