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>>David Stockhoff:
>> You can also think of it as a language. Wolfe is so steeped in myth I bet 
>> it oozes out his ears. As in language, you have standard words and 
>> sentence
>>structures but you re-order and recombine them to get
>>new meaning. So stags and faerie circles may not go together
>>in myth (it's usually a pool or glade the stag leads you to),
>>but they can meet if you want them to.
>In 'The Hobbit', the dwarves see a white "hart" in Mirkwood and and try to 
>shoot him down but all their arrows go awry. The narrator says that if they 
>had had their wits about them, they would have realized that their journey 
>through the forest was almost at an end. Because people usually read that 
>book as children, this reference goes right by them.  What he is saying is 
>that the appearance of the White Stag means that they are at the borders of 
>the kingdom of the Elves...the edge of Faerieland.

neat. I just read that to my son and it went over both our heads.

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