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Well yeah I'm buying this...I probably didn't make myself clear...I agree that he becomes part neighbor or something, not "turning into" one

We haven't even approached what happens to Inhumi when they drink neighbor blood....

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>> I don't know if a Neighbor "occupies" Horn, but it is
clear that Horn dies.
>> And there is a lot of psyche-sharing through blood in SS---it seems to
be a
>> motif, like eidolons in NS. It may well be that the Neighbor gave Horn
>> in the only way he knew how, by giving him Neighbor-life---but in
>> memories in Horn's body, because memories are electrical/physical.
>> Then the Neighbor went off to continue his own life in his own body,
>> merely imprinted Horn's body with not a copy of himself but with
the most
>> basic spark of consciousness. Just enough so Horn's body and brain
>> reboot (plus fix his neck!).
>> This requires a life-psyche distinction, but not necessarily a
>> distinction. We know a body can live while its brain is dead, and that
>> brain can "live" without thought. It makes sense that if the
>> revived Horn, Horn would only have Horn's memories. However, on
some level
>> we can't fathom, he may "feel" Neighborish---enough to
put 2+2 and realize
>> what happened and what he is. So he wouldn't know anything about
any ruins,
>> but might be drawn to them.

>This makes the most sense to me of anything so far.  NeighborHorn is
>NeighborHorn, not Neighbor/Horn--he doesn't have the Neighbor's
>memories/personality/soul, but does have his life/essence/nature.  He has
>Horn's memories/personality/ThomisticSoul, but not anything like
>Platonic/eternal soul, if such things exist in Wolfe's world. He's
>ghost in a Neighbor-enhanced version of Horn's body.

Now I think I can get behind this.
I think we may have come to terms with this thing here.
what do you think Wynn? Lackey? Flato? Hamm?


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