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Fri Mar 20 10:51:06 PDT 2009


>> I don't know if a Neighbor "occupies" Horn, but it is clear that Horn dies.
>> And there is a lot of psyche-sharing through blood in SS---it seems to be a
>> motif, like eidolons in NS. It may well be that the Neighbor gave Horn life
>> in the only way he knew how, by giving him Neighbor-life---but in Horn's
>> memories in Horn's body, because memories are electrical/physical.
>> Then the Neighbor went off to continue his own life in his own body, having
>> merely imprinted Horn's body with not a copy of himself but with the most
>> basic spark of consciousness. Just enough so Horn's body and brain could
>> reboot (plus fix his neck!).
>> This requires a life-psyche distinction, but not necessarily a soul-psyche
>> distinction. We know a body can live while its brain is dead, and that a
>> brain can "live" without thought. It makes sense that if the Neighbor
>> revived Horn, Horn would only have Horn's memories. However, on some level
>> we can't fathom, he may "feel" Neighborish---enough to put 2+2 and realize
>> what happened and what he is. So he wouldn't know anything about any ruins,
>> but might be drawn to them.

>This makes the most sense to me of anything so far.  NeighborHorn is
>NeighborHorn, not Neighbor/Horn--he doesn't have the Neighbor's
>memories/personality/soul, but does have his life/essence/nature.  He has
>Horn's memories/personality/ThomisticSoul, but not anything like Horn's
>Platonic/eternal soul, if such things exist in Wolfe's world. He's Horn's
>ghost in a Neighbor-enhanced version of Horn's body.

Now I think I can get behind this.
I think we may have come to terms with this thing here.
what do you think Wynn? Lackey? Flato? Hamm?


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