(urth) Neighbors as Faeries

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Fri Mar 20 05:04:22 PDT 2009

>It has been too long since I read the books and my memory is hazy,
>but is there not also an aspect in which the Neighbors are
>themselves sort of... composite... beings? Would it be possible
>on your interpretation for it not to be an entire Neighbor in there,
>but just a part of one - just enough, perhaps, to be able to
>recognize a kinship with the rest of itself when it shakes hands,
>but not enough to have the full memory and personality of a
>"complete" Neighbor?

Do you mean this in the way the Shadow children were? And in the way that three children were who were turned into a flock of geese in Peace? I think there is probably something to that. The Raja's memory is weak when he meets the first Neighbor but in a larger group, he remembers better...perfectly (although he refuses to write what he knows. Whether that is applicable to the Raja's knowledge of Neighbor culture and history, I don't know.

HOWEVER, Seawrack forgets everything about her past, even about Mother herself, the longer she is with him. IIFC she does this deliberately according to Mother's command.

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