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>  Or Horn's soul--the actual soul of the honest-to-goodness
>> Horn goes into Babbie, who has two horns already, making three.
> An even simpler explanation that doesn't contradict Raja/Horn/greenbuck is
> to say that Babbie was becoming Horn via an innate psychic ability to merge
> his personality to a human being. That seems to be going on. But I just
> didn't think that was the pay-off I was expecting in the prophecy.
> I also tend to think, though, that Silk is a powered-up clone of
>> Typhon rather than Typhon's biological son with "Kypris" or a clone of
>> that son.
> There's lots of narrative and thematic reasons to like that. I certainly
> did. The Mommy references are between Silk and Kyris are sooo compelling to
> me, though. This is not an impediment in itself. It is just like Typhon to
> have the original Kypris implanted with a clone of himself.

I thought that was a Freudian headfake...Silk associates romance and his
mother, so to some extent his interpretation of Kypris's romantic interest
in him (as her reincarnated lover) is, in Silk's mind, maternal (well, also
he can't wrap his head around the idea of a goddess being interested in

> However, my acceptance of Silk=Typhon explanation died by a thousand pin
> pricks. One of those was this: How does this get me to Horn riding a beast
> with three horns? Okay, Silk is Typhon. So who is Horn. Not Typhon. Could
> Horn be possessed by Pas? That makes Silk and Horn the same, but it seems to
> me it ends up making Horn ride a beast with three Typhons instead of Horns.
> You probably think I've done something similar to this already. I can't
> emphatically refute that. But this is just a Bridge Too Far.

Yeah, I don't know.  Could Horn just be Horn?  Why would his parents have
bought a special embryo?  I dunno.

> Have you seen "The Lost Room"? I often identify myself with all those crazy
> object seekers with their Object Diagrams.

Yes--I loved it until the end.

> J
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