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Mon Mar 16 15:59:28 PDT 2009

> Watchmen was pretty fracking awesome.
> The film kept the basic message and tone of the book, IMO.
> For Listers who haven't read it, Watchmen is interesting as literature,
> because, like Wolfe, Moore is masterful at making his major theme resonate
> in the basic plot, in all the subtext, and in each character in microcosm.
>  An incredible look at how our attempts to use violence in the name of
> peace and justice disfigure our humanity.

Or yet another anarchist whining about how he doesn't like reality cause
it's got nasty bits.

He's not just one ordinary bator, you know.

Imagine no more clothing
We never wear a stitch
Imagine no possessions
It's easy if you're rich

-- John Lennon, sorta.


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