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>> Watchmen was pretty fracking awesome.
>> The film kept the basic message and tone of the book, IMO.
>> For Listers who haven't read it, Watchmen is interesting as literature,
>> because, like Wolfe, Moore is masterful at making his major theme resonate
>> in the basic plot, in all the subtext, and in each character in microcosm.
>>  An incredible look at how our attempts to use violence in the name of
>> peace and justice disfigure our humanity.
>Or yet another anarchist whining about how he doesn't like reality cause
>it's got nasty bits.
>He's not just one ordinary bator, you know.
>Imagine no more clothing
>We never wear a stitch
>Imagine no possessions
>It's easy if you're rich
>-- John Lennon, sorta.

That seems to be a remarkably common critique of Alan Moore.
to my ears, it sounds something like "Another social critique that doesn't offer a alternative solution! Now you got me all depressed and didn't offer no sunshine, wah..."


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