(urth) Update on _The Death of Doctor Island_

Nigel Price nigelaprice at talktalk.net
Thu Feb 5 05:52:35 PST 2009

Concerning buying a still frame from the forthcoming (we hope!) movie
version of "The Death of Doctor Island", Gwern Branwen asked, a while

>>Was it worthwhile for you?

Yes. The still frame was a striking image and nicely printed.

As I planned to display the photo in my study, my main difficulty in
choosing a frame from all those available was finding one in which the
cast's utter nakedness was not going to cause bewildered or sly amusement
among any future grandchildren I might have. To prevent snickering behind
Granddad's back, I eventually managed to find one in which the hero is shown
sufficiently deeply immersed in water to hide his...er...embarrassment!


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