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>I've had the rose idea for a while.  I think I remember mentioning that your
>sketch could go even more in the 'rose like' direction, as it seemed to be
>clearly going that way.  But you know, curry tends to destroy effective
>memory.  And yeah, I can't remember why Severian was horrified at the
>depiction.  The first thing that comes to mind is that it must have looked
>like one of those typical office posters so well lampooned at Despair.com.
>Something like a "Thomas Kincaid: Painter of Light" version of Tzadiels ship
>with bold blue text underneath that reads:  "The Ship:  Some days you are so
>busy you  just feel like you are meeting yourself coming and going.  Only
>here, it's probably true."

Laughing out loud.

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