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> Matthew-
> I know this is OT, but I hadn't heard that. I do recall hearing something about an Austrian seminary that was just as you described. If you could provide some kind of source I'd appreciate it. If not, no biggie. I don't want to derail further.

> Incidentally, the Catholic Church has been called a whore before---and I think it survived. 
> >
> I should add that I'm not responding to the other Matthew, but to
> those who attack the Roman Catholic church.  I'll go even farther than
> he did and say that the discipline of celibacy is not at fault here,
> but rather the positive and pronounced efforts of some American Roman
> Catholic priests to recruit men afflicted with sexual attraction to
> other men.  It is also hardly secret that many seminaries harass and
> discourage men who do not play along.
> ------------------------------
Not having studied the sociology of the seminary I was unaware, and probably shouldn't have been, of some of this.  I am and have been aware that a central theme of most of Dr. Greeley's novels is the regenerative?/comeback/transcendant power of the church to overcome the yukkiness of its selection system.  Kind of neat.  
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