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I know this is OT, but I hadn't heard that. I do recall hearing something about an Austrian seminary that was just as you described. If you could provide some kind of source I'd appreciate it. If not, no biggie. I don't want to derail further.

I don't think Witz was trolling, btw. But I do question his divine origin. 

Incidentally, the Catholic Church has been called a whore before---and I think it survived. 


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I should add that I'm not responding to the other Matthew, but to
those who attack the Roman Catholic church.  I'll go even farther than
he did and say that the discipline of celibacy is not at fault here,
but rather the positive and pronounced efforts of some American Roman
Catholic priests to recruit men afflicted with sexual attraction to
other men.  It is also hardly secret that many seminaries harass and
discourage men who do not play along.


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