(urth) Cumaeans

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Thu Feb 5 22:28:55 PST 2009

David Stockhoff wrote:
>> I also have always assumed that the great toothy butterfly-creature
Severian sees flying through the pages of Father Inire's mirror book was an
Inhumu. Is there any consensus on that? Was it Tzadkiel?<<

No inhumi. It was Tzadkiel.

"And it was pleasant indeed to sit upon that bank, occasionally refreshing
my laboring tongue with the cold, clean water of the brook, and recount to
Tzadkiel how I had seen her first between the pages of Father Inire's book,
and how I had helped to capture her aboard her own ship, and how she had
been male and called herself Zak, and how she had cared for me when I was
injured." (URTH, chap. XL, p.-283)


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