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Thanks for that!

On the Cumaean I always think it is great that Wolfe introduces these beings with various powers but doesn't bother chasing them down, explaining them, etc.
They are accepted as part of the milieu and the reader can get on with it.  But yeah, it would have been ambitious indeed had it been an Inhumu, I don't know how many of the details of 
the Inhumu Wolfe had in mind when writing the original series, nevermind BOTLS and BOTSS!

On the fact that it was Tzadkiel, I think Wolfe often lays down these details without necessarily following them up.  Then 5 books (in his good time) later you get a pay-off.  Wonderful!
5th pass through BOTSS and I am still only getting to grips with some of the details in there.

May have been mentioned here before but has anyone seen the film "Primer"?
All about time loops and whatnot, it is not amazing but a fan of Wolfe may enjoy untangling the various strands laid down.
David Stockhoff wrote: >> I also have always assumed that the great toothy butterfly-creature Severian sees flying through the pages of Father Inire's mirror book was an Inhumu. Is there any consensus on that? Was it Tzadkiel?<<
Roy C. Lackey wrote:
 No inhumi. It was Tzadkiel. "And it was pleasant indeed to sit upon that bank, occasionally refreshing my laboring tongue with the cold, clean water of the brook, and recount to Tzadkiel how I had seen her first between the pages of Father Inire's book, and how I had helped to capture her aboard her own ship, and how she had been male and called herself Zak, and how she had cared for me when I was injured." (URTH, chap. XL, p.-283) 

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