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First off : clerical sexual abuse is not confined to the  RCC.  If it is
more prevalent in the Roman Church (which may or may not be true), it might
have more to do with the discipline of celibacy attracting men with
sexuality issues than it has with the difference between single or double

Second : the jurisdictional chaos whose inhabitants affectionately refer to
it as "Orthodoxy" has plenty of its own problems, among them (to quote a
friend) "willed ignorance of history, the pretense that things always were
as the now-dominant party wanted them to be, and the systematic
misrepresentation and exclusion of difference."  In the end, no ekklesia is
perfect; churches are full of hypocrites, but as Bishop Block once said,
"There's always room for one more".

On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 7:19 PM, Son of Witz <sonofwitz at butcherbaker.org>wrote:

> I'm not harshing on Catholics,
> I'm harshing on the Catholic Church. Like I might bag on Iran without
> offense to Iranians.
> I've couched any critique with apologies to Catholics who might be
> offended.
> I suggested the priest rapists are one step in a chain of errors that
> result from a doctrinal change.
> Papal infaliability, Celibate Clergy, these are insertions and distortions
> and they seem to have led to a lot of problems.
> I don't think what i wrote is vomit at all, it's what MANY people feel
> about the Catholic Church's problems.
> Care to show my how I'm wrong? Lots of people think the Filioque is no big
> deal, and others think it's The Problem that allows all the others to come
> in.  I'm happy to learn your argument.
> I'll admit "It's no wonder all that..." should have been stated as "It
> seems as if all that..."
> ~SonOfWitz

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