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I'm not harshing on Catholics,
I'm harshing on the Catholic Church. Like I might bag on Iran without  
offense to Iranians.
I've couched any critique with apologies to Catholics who might be  
I suggested the priest rapists are one step in a chain of errors that  
result from a doctrinal change.
Papal infaliability, Celibate Clergy, these are insertions and  
distortions and they seem to have led to a lot of problems.
I don't think what i wrote is vomit at all, it's what MANY people feel  
about the Catholic Church's problems.
Care to show my how I'm wrong? Lots of people think the Filioque is no  
big deal, and others think it's The Problem that allows all the others  
to come in.  I'm happy to learn your argument.
I'll admit "It's no wonder all that..." should have been stated as "It  
seems as if all that..."


On Feb 4, 2009, at 6:08 PM, Matt Teel wrote:

> Wow ... I don't comment much on this list, but ... damn.  Do you  
> suppose you could lay off the Catholics for a while?  "Priest  
> Rapists" are a result of the Filioque clause?  Come on.  I didn't  
> subscribe to this list to read crap like this.  The conversation was  
> interesting until you felt the need to vomit on the page and share  
> it with the rest of us.
> Matt Teel
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> Having a sort of mystic bent to my understandings of this stuff,  
> think the
> Filioque is a huge change.  It takes the basic form of the Trinity  
> and turns it
> into a flat, hierarchical line.  Triangles are one of the most  
> fundamental forms
> in creation, and I think it's no accident that the Trinity is a  
> triangle.
> It's foundational.  Flatten that out and you've done some serious root
> level damage to the very structure of the message.  It's no wonder  
> all of
> the screwed up situations that follow that change.  
> Inquisition,Crusades,
> Celibate Clergy, PriestRapists, Vatican II, and now the Oecumenical  
> stuff...
> and, I don't know about all of them, but some of the Orthodox I know
> DEFINITELY consider Catholicism a heresy.  I find it a little  
> shrill, but
> that's just me.  I should say for myself I don't consider them  
> heretics.
> I'm in no position to judge that, my own ideas probably being  
> heretical.
> ~Witz
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> >> This is all very interesting.
> >> I don't understand how there can be only one interpretation of
> Christ,
> >> especially argued by Catholics, who are considered Heretics by the
> oldest,
> >> most traditional and unchanged Christian Church, The Eastern  
> Orthodox.
> >> And even then, Christ's Divinity is EXEGESIS.  It's in the
> Creed, and it's
> >> the Catholics that changed the creed and caused the Great Schism.
> >>
> >
> >Heterodox the RCC may be in Orthodox eyes, but not in its  
> christology.  In
> >that, at least, the Catholics & Orthodoxen are in full agreement.   
> And
> >inserting "filioque" into the Creed was just the straw that broke
> the
> >camel's back; there had been a long series of misunderstandings and
> strains
> >on fellowship before then, on both sides.
> >
> >
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