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>On Chris' hypocrisy: framing & limiting his whole confession is 
>assertion that he had no choice but to act badly - those times are 

>not these times, and so on. But he did he have choices. A critical 

>point for me is right at the beginning of his career, in Veracruz. 

>He helps a priest minister to slaves; he could keep on doing that, 

>but instead chooses to return to the Weald. 

Oops - screwed that up. The Veracruz episode happens before he is 
taken by Captain Burt, of course. But I think the point stands: he 
does have lots of opportunities to become what he was trained to be 
at the monastery, and he dabbles in them, but in the end he rejects 
them. When he does become a priest, as "Chris2", it's a time-filler 
while he plots his return to Novia - one which he pursues 
conscientiously, but still not the main game.

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