(urth) 5HOC - no. 5, Marsch, Eastwind and Sandwalker

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Sun May 6 15:39:01 PDT 2007

Jessica Maclean asks,

At 8:56 AM +1200 5/7/07, Maclean Jessica wrote:
>Maitre is also the name of the officer in the 
>third book who is reading "Marsch"'s notes. Is 
>Maitre a clone? He has a slave who I think is a 
>clone like No. 5- the description of "high 
>hunched shoulders" and something about a narrow 
>chin rang a bell. I note that Maitre, just like 
>Eastwind/Sandwalker, prefers to wash himself 
>after being with a woman.
>Is Maitre the officer, "Marsch"?? Bearing in 
>mind that "Marsch" is half abo and can change 
>his appearance to a certain degreeŠ

"Maitre" is the French word corresponding to the 
English "Master".  It's actually spelled 
"Maître", where the circumflex, as is often the 
case in French, indicates an original "s" in the 
etymology.  I suspect both words descend from the 
Latin "magister".

It's what servants call the head of the household 
in which they serve--a title or honorific, not a 

   -- Dan Rabin

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