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Dan Rabin wrote:
> Jessica Maclean asks,
> At 8:56 AM +1200 5/7/07, Maclean Jessica wrote:
>> Maitre is also the name of the officer in the 
>> third book who is reading "Marsch"'s notes. Is 
>> Maitre a clone? He has a slave who I think is a 
>> clone like No. 5- the description of "high 
>> hunched shoulders" and something about a narrow 
>> chin rang a bell. I note that Maitre, just like 
>> Eastwind/Sandwalker, prefers to wash himself 
>> after being with a woman.
>> Is Maitre the officer, "Marsch"?? Bearing in 
>> mind that "Marsch" is half abo and can change 
>> his appearance to a certain degreeŠ
> "Maitre" is the French word corresponding to the 
> English "Master".  It's actually spelled 
> "Maître", where the circumflex, as is often the 
> case in French, indicates an original "s" in the 
> etymology.  I suspect both words descend from the 
> Latin "magister".
> It's what servants call the head of the household 
> in which they serve--a title or honorific, not a 
> name.

I believe that it also serves as a double-entendre in the first story; 
Maitre is also Number 5's figurative "mater", or mother, as well as his 

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