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Hi all

I have just finished reading 5HOC for the first time- I really enjoyed
it and liked the slightly harder sci-fi edge (tech-wise) of the first
story in particular. I'm just sorting through my impressions and would
love some feedback.

Number 5, and Maitre are two clones of the original Mr Million. Dr Veil
and David are children of clones of Mr Million. Other clones, less
suitable for whatever reason, are sold. 

Marsch is either Sandwalker or Eastwind- when the cat bites Marsch,
either, the cat is somehow Eastwind/Sandwalker, or the cat has bitten
Eastwind/Sandwalker. The ambiguity of the identity of the prisoner, the
many times that his ineptitude with tools is mentioned, the fact that
only one comes back from the trip, and the story that Marsch writes all
lead me to believe this.

Which means that Number 5 is partially correct when he accuses Marsch of
being an abo in the first story, when No. 5 wants to kill Maitre (who he
thinks is his father). Who actually kills Maitre? The text only mentions
No. 5 being left alone with him after goading Marsch into leaving.

Maitre is also the name of the officer in the third book who is reading
"Marsch"'s notes. Is Maitre a clone? He has a slave who I think is a
clone like No. 5- the description of "high hunched shoulders" and
something about a narrow chin rang a bell. I note that Maitre, just like
Eastwind/Sandwalker, prefers to wash himself after being with a woman.

Is Maitre the officer, "Marsch"?? Bearing in mind that "Marsch" is half
abo and can change his appearance to a certain degree...

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