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thalassocrat at nym.hush.com wrote:    Start with Lesage. (etc.)

  Some fascinating speculation, and I think you may be on to something re: Ignacio's role in Lesage's betrayal.  But Chris is almost killed in that betrayal; would Iganacio really have launched an action that could very easily have wound up in the death of his earlier self, with highly unclear implications for the causality of his own present (or future) existence?
  Another thought that's been nibbling at my brain is about the moment that Chris first encounters the Native American slave he purchases and then frees (Hoodas, who seems to be the real-life model for Friday in Crusoe).  At that moment, Chris says:  "And I fet as though He were standing right behind me, laying His pierced hand on my shoulder. This is it, Chris. This is the moment. What are you going to do?"
  I wonder, only partially seriously, if Chris was brought back just for this moment, as the answer to Friday's prayers, and everything else is incidental to that.  I also wonder if "Hoodas" could be a Judas-like character, and that he, rather than Ignacio, is responsible for Lesage's betrayal.  Do we know what becomes of Hoodas?

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