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>Dan'l Danehy-Oakes writes:
> >
> > I must disagree. This *is* a Christian universe
>Only in the same limited sense that Middle-Earth is "Christian."
>There is no Christ, no Theoanthropos.
>Yes, I agree with your other points (indeed I've probably made most of them
>myself somewhere in the archives) but this is the only really meaningful
>definition of "Christian."

I suppose one must grant Tolkein what he's doing: presenting a 
pre-Christian world, indeed pre-Abrahamic. Hence, no Christ . . . 
yet. No Sabbath Day formal worship . . . yet. Similarly, Wolfe in the 
Latro series. For the rest of Wolfe's works, however, the setting is 
Anno Domini (as he'd surely prefer to put it), and hence the 
"Christ-event" is somewhere in the past.


Nutria (I've been away. Have we dispensed with animal names?)

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