(urth) Bringin' it back to Wolfe by the long road

don doggett kingwukong at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 17 19:32:33 PDT 2007

--- Alan Lewis <alanarc1 at optonline.net> wrote:
  I'd be
> curious to have Don expound 
> on how Latro is.

Ok. Latro is a god as man, neither wholly human nor
wholly divine, as he is posessed by Ares in Soldier of
Arete. He also dies and returns to life in Soldier of
Sidon. Which is something I've been meaning to bring
up. I think it was pretty clever of Wolfe to admit
that Latro has multiple personalities in him then
muddy it up with Egyptian religion by saying the soul
is divided into 8 parts.


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