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Tuesday, April 17, 2007, 9:47:12 AM, you wrote:

> don doggett writes:
> I'm thinking especially
>> of Wizard Knight, which involves both Arthur and the
>> most overt references to Christianity I have
>> encountered from Wolfe. I found it a weakness myself;
>> having Odin (the Vallfather) bow down to Michael was a
>> little close to proselytising for me, 

> Not realy.   Michael here is not precisely a Christian figure in a christian
> universe: rather he's a being of a certain rank, in a non-Christian 
> universe, who is explained/derived in terms of Christan myth much as the
> Overcyns are explained/derived in terms of Nordic myth.   He is of higher
> rank than Odin but other beings of non-Christian derivation like Parka are
> of higher rank than him,. There is no Christ in Mythgarthyr - the Outsider
> was far more explicitly Christian in his function and relationship to 
> humanity. 

>  - hartshorn 

Wizard-Knight is clearly Neoplatonic. But Neoplatonism was christened by Pseudo-Dionysius and is the basis of eg Thomist philosophy. 

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